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100 years of quality manufacturing

Our history

Our History

Founded in 1906 by Charles Bardon, Bardon Group produces natural abrasives and fillers made from fruit stones and nutshells. Started as a pioneer of the sector in France, we now export 60% of our production through the world. For 10 decades of operation, we have firmly maintained our position as the market leader in European market. Bardon Group is still family-owned. The tradition has been carried on by the founder's son, now grandson, as well as great-grandson, making four generations of Bardon Group entrepreneurial leaders.

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Our Know-how

With 100 years of experience working with agricultural by-products all the way to our company's founding in 1906, we have produced very consistent products in terms of quality and supply.​


Scalability of Raw Materials

Through current partnerships and our ability to store materials in our facility, we are able to secure a scalable and consistent supply of materials in order to manage climate change and guarantee a short delivery time with a constant production quality.


Quality & Traceability

We manage all aspects ourselves so that we are not dependent on external suppliers, while maintaining a high and consistent quality standard.


Know-how Down through Generations & Precise Process

We produce high quality homogeneous products from heterogeneous raw materials.

Our Brands

Since its beginning in 1906, Bardon Group's continued growth has been realized through an expansion of three brands focusing on different activities.



Company buying, transforming materials & selling vegetal fillers


Company reselling abrasives


Registered trademark for end products designed for bakery & pizzeria application


Registered trademark for end products designed for cosmetics application


Registered trademark for end products designed for pellet stoves

Our Facility

Electricity Self-consumption

A part of electricity needed for the production is generated by the hydroelectric power plant within our facility.

Effort to Reduce Carbon Emissions

With the facility strategically positioned in nature but close to a highway, we strive to improve the indirect carbon footprint generated by the activities of suppliers, partners, and customers.

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