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Applications / Industries served

With today’s high demand towards natural alternatives to synthetic solutions, our products are appreciated by numerous industries for a broad range of applications. Being compatible with many industrial applications, our products are recognized by proven professionals from small and big businesses as excellent natural media. We work with a wide range of industries including aerospace, construction, aviation, automotive, electronics, bakery, cosmetics, biomass, fertilizer, petrochemistry, paint, explosive, bakelite, etc.

Our products are multipurpose and can be used for a multitude of applications.

Nos produits sont utilisés pour le sablages, satinage ainsi que pour le tribofinition / tonnelage.

Our products are used for sandblasting, satin finishing as well as for tribofinishing/boning. 


We offer a general range as well as a range for plastic wood.

Dusting Flour

Flour made from crushed olive stone pits, our "Fleurette Bardon" (registered trademark), is a technological aid designed to be used in bakeries for bread-baking. Our product has multiple properties.

Cosmetics & Cleaning Products

In order to meet growing demand and specific requirements, we are developing a specific line to be used in cosmetics products, which is sold under 'Lignocosm' brand.

Vegetal Filler


Olive Granules

As an alternative to wood pellets, we offer olive pellets under our registered trademark "Noyokok".


Nitrogen-free industrial residues generated from our products can be converted into biomass and a form of combustile energy source.

Organic Amendement

The industrial residue of our products containing nitrogen can be used as an organic amendment, i.e., as an organic fertilizer.

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