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Our commitment

Leading Industrial Player of the Circular Economy

Natural Products

All our raw materials are ecological and originated from France or neighboring European countries; Italy and Spain.

Adding Value to Products

All our materials are byproduct serving as a raw material in the production of other goods. This allows to use the materials in their entirety.

Carbon-Free Energy

Raw materials are transformed by electricity with 97% of its power generated without any CO2.

Natural Energy Production

All our raw materials are ecological and originated from France or neighboring European countries; Italy and Spain.

Zero Waste and Circular Approach

The waste from our production is sold as an organic amendment.

Pallet Recycling

We use recycled EPAL certified pallets as much as possible in order to deliver a more circular economy, fight against deforestation and reduce CO2 emissions.

Protection of The Environment

Unlike mineral or metallic abrasives, LIGNOBLAST products are silica-free, biodegradable in nature and also contains renewable carbon.

When exposed to high heat, our renewable and natural products can be burned without leaving any trace unlike plastic abrasives.

Protection of Workers

LIGNOBLAST vegetal abrasive granules are made only from fruit stone shells obtained from the food industries and do not undergo any chemical treatment either during their production or in our factory; therefore, there is absolutely no harm.

Health & Safety at the Heart of The Matter

We constantly make efforts to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees.


Our products are 100% natural ingredients obtained from food, which helps to improve product quality of all our customers, whether it is for the planet or end-users.

Respect For Individual Differences 

In our company, we do believe in strengths in diversity. We are trying to create a workplace culture where qll employees and partners work with one another with consideration.

Responsible for Information Security

We use data solely for the purpose for which it was collected.

Profitability, Ease of Use and Speed

LIGNOBLAST products are non-corrosive, light to handle and pollution-free and clean goods without removing the support or damaging it. The cleaned parts do not require additional treatment as there is no need to use solvent and be dried especially for a treatment by sendblasting.

LIGNOBLAST granules are resistant to bursting and can be reused in many applications.

Against Corruption & Bribery

We conduct all of our business in a fair and honest manner to avoid corruption or bribery in any form.

Proper Use of Company Assets

Employees of Bardon Group must avoid all acts of misuses or overuses of company assets for personal benefit (e.g. the company's products, facilities, equipement, budgets for expenses).

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