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Sand blasting, Polishing, Tribofinishing, Aeroscrubbing

Removal of residues of scale, oxide, paint, rust, varnish with or without prior chemical treatment, using a conventional blasting system.


LIGNOBLAST granulate is successfully used whenever the dimensions, geometry, and surface condition of the parts to be blasted must not be modified: its use is recommended when no alteration of the metal, or other substrate, can be tolerated, and is justified in many industries.

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Industrial Applications

Petrochemicals, Aeronautics, Automotive, Marine

  • De-scaling of turbine blades, compressors, pistons, valves, reactors, landing gear cylinders, etc...

  • Engines for the navy: cleaning of turbochargers under load

  • Cleaning of airport beacons without damaging the optics

  • Stripping of fiberglass boat hulls

Electronics, Electricity

  • LIGNOBLAST 4/6, 3/6, 6/12 granules are suitable for delicate parts supporting electronic components.

Plastics, Rubber

  • Deburring of objects made of thermosetting material

  • Satin-finishing of thermoplastic parts

  • Mold cleaning

Various uses

In the foundry, our products are used as fillers for the coating of molds and the making of models in resins (araldite or others).

  • Various LIGNOBLAST grit sizes are used for the honeycombing of abrasive wheels.

  • Cleaning of monuments or sculptures without damaging the stone and without risk for the stained-glass windows adjacent to the treatment.

  • Cosmetics: the cosmetics industry uses nutshell and apricot shell. Their use is also widespread in soaps.

  • Fillers: Walnut shell flours are used as fillers in paints, resins, pigments, glues. The granulometry of the media varies according to the use, from granules to very fine flours.

  • Pets: Pellets are a natural, safe, and biodegradable litter for birds, reptiles, and small animals. Pellets are dust-free and easy to use.

  • Oil industry: crushed walnut shells are used in drilling mud in three qualities: coarse, medium, and fine.

Main Implementation Techniques

Sandblasting and Satin-Finishing

LIGNOBLAST granules are commonly used to sandblast metals, glass fibers, plastics and stones using a conventional sandblasting machine (hardness on the MOHS scale: 3.5).

Tribofinishing - Tumbling

On rotating or vibrating drum in possible association with other products which intervene for a complementary action to the abrasivity of the LIGNOBLAST media. Small metal or alloy parts are often treated by this process.

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